Endoca sponsors the first ever Medical Cannabis Symposium in Spain

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Yesterday, the 20th September, saw the first ever medical cannabis conference in Spain, organised by the Observatorio Español de Cannabis Medicinal (OECM), and officially sponsored by Endoca. Taking place at the prestigious Caixa Forum venue in central Madrid, it featured some of the most important international experts in the medical cannabis field coming from Israel, the United States, Chile and …


The hole gets deeper – will we find water?

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21/07/16 Today has been a big day, at last the right tractor came after a long explanation about why they returned 4 days after we had agreed. Of course it was due to some misunderstanding between the Spanish people and they said – sorry! We are happy the hole is getting slowly bigger and we know for sure now that very soon …


Volunteers needed to help with cork harvest

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14/07/16 Was a chilly morning, the earth smelled of a fresh water meeting with dust. Our first words this morning were: “do we have any water”? The water reservoir  looked very empty and we closed off the system as we were afraid that there might be some unnecessary leak. But after a short discussion we found a company which promised to …


Join our Vision – Endoca Institute of Cannabis, Natural Medicine and Sustainability

Mary Biles News, Village 1 Comment Look at this beautiful, unspoilt spot just north of Barcelona. It’s the blank canvas, given to us by nature, that in a matter of months will become our much dreamed about Endoca Institute of Cannabis, Natural Medicine and Sustainability – a place where healing can happen through an organic raw food diet, medicinal cannabis, yoga, meditation and naturopathic therapies. …


Volunteers’ Diary – more volunteers and less insects please!

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12/07/16 This morning was almost  ‘cold’ – only 20C 7:30am and cloudy.  It was pleasant to drink morning coffee outside and look at the mountains from out new “viewing terrace”. We can see about 5 km now even as far as the sea on a clear day. This view gives us the possibility to observe nature which is more powerful than …


Volunteers’ Diary – Sunsets and Rainbows

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10/07/16 Yesterday we saw a fantastic sunset from our newly cleared, panoramic hill. It was so impressive that even the children stayed quiet for almost a minute. Today is Sunday and a work free day, so we have time to observe nature and soak in our surroundings. Morning started with 23 C in the shade and I was very surprised that the grass in front …