Scientific Research Into Cannabis & Cannabinoids

Scientific Research Into Cannabis & Cannabinoids

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This directory will guide you to the most relevant scientific research on cannabis, CBD and other cannabinoids.

Arthritis & Anti-Inflammatory



Billiary Tract Cancer

Bladder Cancer


Lung Cancer

Leukemia & Blood Cancer

Liver Cancer

Mouth & Throat Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate & Colon Cancer


Skin Cancer

Breast Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Cancer-Related Pain

Colon : IBS, Crohns, Collitis






ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)





Bipolar Disorder

Antibiotic Resistance

Medical Cannabis Clinical Studies

WebLinks & Other Resources

Current Status and Future of Cannabis Research – by Ethan B. Russo, MD; Alice P. Mead, JD, LLM; and Dustin Sulak, DO. – This well written article summarizes the current legal status of cannabis, explaining the regulatory scheme behind federal policy with respect to cannabis.

Institute of Medicine Report – Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base (1999) This book summarizes what we know about marijuana from evidence-based medicine–the harm it may do and the relief it may bring to patients

UK, House of Lords Report November 1998 the scientific and medical evidence to determine whether there was a case for relaxing some of the current restrictions on the medical uses of cannabis

UK, House of Lords Report March 2001 current state of research into the therapeutic uses of cannabis

National Conference of State Legislatures –  legislation and regulations governing medical cannabis

Understanding Medical Cannabis – Elemental Wellness Guide

Project CBD – Medical Conditions A comprehensive list of scientific papers and resources showing the conditions that CBD may help


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